Do You Know Your Child’s School Counselor?

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A few days ago, we posed this same question on our Facebook page. While the responses varied, one thing’s for certain, it shed light on the impact counselors have on a student’s life.

Whether your child is going to school for the very first time, or returning for another year, as parents you want to ensure you’re setting your learner up for success. From buying school supplies, and meeting your child’s teacher, to learning school policies, and perhaps even joining the PTA. These are all very good measures in securing a proper start to your child’s academic future. However, while most parents tend to focus solely on developing good relationships with the teachers, there is another critical component that you should also consider getting to know: the school counselor!

With the commencement of each school year, usually comes the opportunity to meet the teachers, but it is important to meet with the counselor as well. He or she will play an essential role in the school, therefore it is important that you get to know who they are and what services he or she provides.

Moreover, the school counselor’s role may vary depending on the grade level. Nevertheless, the impact they leave is often lifechanging and everlasting. Especially in high school where college and career are just around the corner.

Furthermore, aside from the academics, school counselors are a great source of information when it comes to a variety of issues, such as proper hygiene, bullying, and even problems pertaining to home life. Not to mention, in the event that there is a school crisis, counselors are typically the first in line to provide counseling and comfort.

When it comes to high school, counselors are elemental in helping both the student and parent figure out which courses to take, and how to apply for college scholarships, in addition to assisting with future plans. Apart from this, school counselors provide aid to students as needed. There are many instances where teens might feel more comfortable discussing certain matters with someone other than a parent. In this case, the counselor could provide beneficial to not only the student, but the child’s parents as well. Additionally, a counselor could serve as a trusted guide in assisting your child with making healthy decisions. Also, keep in mind that counselors are trained specially for different circumstances, so they are equipped to handle anything from signs of drug use, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

In brief, no matter the age or grade level, the school counselor is an indispensable advocate for your child and their academic success. Remember, it takes a village. So again, do you know your child’s school counselor? And, if not, it’s time you do.

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