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Summer break is soon coming to an end. And, for many students (and parents) the last thing you want to think about is school. At least, not for another few weeks or so. There’s still time left to relax and enjoy the last days of summer vacay. However, it’s also a great opportunity for students to brush up on their studies before heading back to school.

Parents, just because it’s summer break doesn’t mean the learning stops there. Stay on your children. Don’t let them lose what they’ve absorbed over the previous year just because school’s out for summer. Help your child retain learning over summer break so they begin the semester refreshed, and confident enough to take on the new school year.

One way to make sure students retain learning over summer is by reviewing information from the previous year. This not only helps prevent learning loss, but it keeps students in tune with what they should know for next year.

Additionally, consulting with your child’s teacher is a good way to find out what information needs reviewing. Teachers can help guide you on the materials that should be covered, from lesson plans to summer reading suggestions, and more. They will also have a good indication of the materials that will likely be covered going further. This will set your child ahead of the game, ensuring a proper start to the new school year.

Here are a few ways you can help your student retain learning over the summer break, while still having fun:

  • When you add an element of joy to education, it makes learning that much easier. Try finding some fun workbooks, or interactive activities related to your child’s studies. Flash cards are another cool way to review.
  • Additionally, reexamining assignments or projects from the previous year is also a good way to retain learning. Take time to go over each lesson and discuss what your child has learned. This way students are reminded of all the information they’ve absorbed over the year.
  • Reading is fundamental people. I can’t stress that enough. Reading exercises the mind and keeps the brain sharp. Not to mention the language skills it helps promote. Summer reading is highly suggested. And, rightfully so. Encourage your children to set aside some reading time each day. There are many local libraries that have summer reading incentive programs as well.
  • Urge students to write. Writing requires intelligence and thinking skills. Studies suggest that students who master writing skills early on struggle less in overall literacy and communicating. One way to encourage writing over the summer is by having your child journal all the adventures summer break brings.

In brief, just because school’s on pause, doesn’t mean your brain has to be. There’s always something new to be learned and discovered each and every day.

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