Teachers Need A Break Too!

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For many students, spring break has sprung. A whole seven days without lectures, study halls, and well, teachers! School’s out and vacation is in. Whether you spend your time sitting back, relaxing, or cutting loose, spring break is a weeklong escape from the demands of school and all it entails, but not just for students, for teachers too!

While the school year isn’t over just yet, spring break is an opportunity for educators to unwind and refocus on the remaining months ahead.

Because teachers where many hats, from counselor to confidante, work often extends beyond the classroom, so it’s imperative that you find the time to rest and regroup. Although many educators find it difficult to “switch off,” it’s important to your self-care and wellness. Unplugging from work is a way to defeat mental exhaustion and maintain sanity.

When your mind is continuously on the go with little to no breaks, you are putting a constant strain on your body, resulting in extreme fatigue. If you never allow your brain to leave the classroom then you are only causing a huge disservice to your psyche, as well as your emotional wellbeing. Unplugging, even just for a little bit will keep you mentally sound, subsequently leaving you recharged and ready to tackle on each day as it comes. How you spend your time depends on you. Even time spent doing nothing is okay.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking a mental break, but if you’re like me and still find it somewhat difficult to grasp the concept of what it means to fully unplug, then:

Focus on you. Chances are you’ve been thinking about your students this entire time, and that’s okay, you’re a teacher, I get it. When you find your thoughts back inside the classroom, be the reflective teacher you set out to be. Look at yourself. Then, look at what you’re doing in the classroom, and whether it’s working or not. Self-observation and self-evaluation are the key to life.

Get organized. No need to wait for the last school bell to ring to declutter or clean. Spend a few minutes over spring break jotting down what needs to get done. This simple task now will prove victorious at the end of the year. It’ll also give your brain time to focus on more pressing matters.

But, more importantly, don’t feel guilty. It’s not only beneficial to your mind, body, and soul, but to your students as well. Nobody, and I do mean nobody likes a grumpy teacher. Start from within, you can’t pour from emptiness. Self-preservation isn’t selfish. So, go ahead and take that break.

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